• Outdoor fucking 10.12.2017


    This scene starts with a young blonde and an old fart looking over a town on what looks like a wooden stand on top of a hill. Here he begins feeling her cunt but too many passersby are lurking so they take it to someplace a little more discrete. They start the action on a field where she takes of here knickers allowing him to play with her pussy. After a bit of foreplay, she sits on his cock, slowly guiding it into her wet pussy before bouncing hard causing them both to moan with delight. A few positions later, the blonde lies on her back as the bloke begins thrusting his cock in, she lifts her legs in the air making his balls slap loudly of her arse and them moaning with excessive pleasure. After a few more positions, he finishes off by continuing to thrust his cock in then pulling it out shooting his spunk all down her stomach. If you would like to see the outdoor action, go to old farts young tarts now! What are you waiting for?

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