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    This scene starts off with an old man lying on a bed and an old woman sitting at a sewing machine, until the door knocks and in walks a young blonde looking for some action. Once in, the old woman directs her to the mans cock where she pulls it out and wraps her lips around it, caressing his bell end with her tongue making him hard with excitement. Then it’s the young blondes time to play, she wraps her mouth around his throbbing member before sitting on his cock, bouncing on it roughly causing them both to moan with pleasure.  After a while the old woman joins in, licking the blondes arse while she continues riding the mans large cock. A few positions later they lie on the bed where they play with themselves before the bloke shoots his load all over the blondes stomach. If you would like to see this dirty threesome, go to old farts young tarts now! They’re waiting…

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    The scene starts off with a young girl lying on a sofa when an old man walks in, handing over chocolates and a lollypop. They begin chatting when the man says he has to go back to work, with this the girl isn’t happy so she makes a proposition with him that involves having some naughty fun. He soon takes up on her offer and she begins taking off his trousers before pulling out his huge member, slapping her lolly around it whilst licking off the stickiness, making him hard with excitement. She then takes off her pants and sits on his lap reverse cowgirl style, slowly sliding his cock into her pussy she begins bouncing hard causing them both to moan with ecstasy. A few positions later, she sits back on his cock and continues riding him hard, with the sound of his balls slapping of her arse cheeks they moan delightfully. He then bends her over the sofa where he gives her a bigger thrusting. If you would like to see this and more! Go to old farts young tarts now! They’re waiting..

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    The scene starts with an old man and a young blonde called Kelly. She’s wearing a tight boob tube, a short denim skirt and trainers. The old man has hurt his back so Kelly begins rubbing it until he asks her to show him a few exercises to make it better. With this, Kelly pulls down her top grabbing his hand and places them onto her tits, before pulling out his cock and putting it into her mouth massaging with her lips causing him to moan with delight. They then take things onto the floor where she climbs on top sliding his throbbing member into her pussy, riding him hard causing them both to moan with ecstasy. After a while they change position, as he lies behind her he slips his large cock in and begins thrusting hard making her groan pleasurably. A few positions later, he bends Kelly over a chair (doggy style) and continues thrusting his cock inside her cunt, both again moaning for more. If you would like to see this and more go to old farts young tarts now! What are you waiting for?


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